Developer Student Commnity

We are a fast-growing developer’s community of students working towards a common goal: to acquire skill sets to lead us to a better understanding of concepts and projects. We organise and participate in hackathons, webinar’s, competitions, global courses and many more. We aim to grow, excel and learn together by conducting tutorials and working on live projects!


Growth and Enlightenment multiplies when shared by a team of potential individuals. We at DSC provide exposure and information to students in the field of programming & development and also conduct live projects; helping them to gain industry relevant skills. projects!


A Community By The Students And For The Students! And A Community By The Budding Technocrats For The Budding Technocrats! We are an open community of like minded peers joining hands to look and create opportunities for us as well as for others.


The demand of application designers is never hidden. Providing a complete texture to your applications with every sort of creativity and artistic flavours is what makes it complete handy and attractive. DSC understands the plight of designers and welcomes every different designers to join hands with us. A beautiful content is what a pillar for your apps and sites. Here in DSC we work together as a team to serve out the best possible content.

Competitve programming

As a coder, you should not be satisfied with just reading and coding on your computer. For developing your coding skills, you need to test yourself. We at DSC push you to execute better code and enhance your problem solving ability that make you a better coder than before.